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We ship from suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. Most of them are located in Asia, but there are a few in the EU. Due to this, our shipping times are usually in the neighborhood of ~12-20 days from the time you order.

Everyone that orders does receive a tracking number and you can track your order from the port it leaves to your home (or office) location.

With that being said, the wrong size or wrong color issue is hard to resolve for us since we carry zero inventory. It's more cost effective for you to sell the item to a friend or list it on eBay for us to take your return, process it, check it for re-sale condition, and then us having to sell it again or dispose of it if not in re-sale condition.

The good news is, that you get your item pretty much made to order. There are times the supplier or manufacturer can even do larger or smaller sizes if you drop us a line and ask.

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